Flourish With Dignity, Thrive With Respect

Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Care Tailored to Each Resident's Unique Needs

Thrive with Dignity, Dignity with Respect

Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Care Tailored to Each Resident's Unique Needs

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A Haven of Exceptional Care for Over 30 Years

At Schulenburg Regency Retirement Community, we are more than a residence; we are a locally owned and operated haven dedicated to providing exceptional care for over 30 years. Every senior deserves a life of dignity and respect, and our mission is to offer a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment where our residents can truly thrive. With us, you can get personalized care tailored to your specific needs at every level of care.

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Personalized Care Tailored to You

Recognizing the uniqueness of each resident, we understand that individual needs and preferences vary. That's why, at Regency, we craft personalized care plans to ensure every resident receives the tailored attention they deserve.

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Our Services

Embracing a comprehensive approach to care, we offer a spectrum of services including skilled nursing, rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, memory care, and home health services. Our dedicated team stands ready to provide personalized care, addressing the distinct needs of each resident.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in fostering an active and engaging lifestyle for our residents. Our philosophy centers around providing opportunities for socialization, physical activity, and mental stimulation to enhance overall quality of life.

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Our Accommodations

Our retirement community provides a variety of accommodations, ensuring that each resident's needs are met.


"Schulenburg Regency is a wonderful nursing community located right in the heart of the Tri-county area. Schulenburg is "The Pathway to Everywhere". I've been privileged to be the Director of Nursing for the past two years. Throughout this time, we have served hundreds of residents and their families. We are privately owned and operated, which ultimately means the quality of care is always put first. I grew up in this community, and I take pride in ensuring that we are able to meet the wants and needs of our residents. There is no other nursing facility quite like this one. I've heard people refer to this community as, "The Taj Mahal" of nursing homes, and let me tell you, that's exactly what it is. It feels really special to be a part of something so wonderful."

-Peyton Ervin

"I have been an ICU nurse for over 30 years and have never seen a facility as clean, friendly and patient orientated as Schulenburg Regency. As a case manager for 10 years, I had to place many patients for family members, so I always visited the facility where my patients went. This is by far the best I have ever seen. When the time comes for the need of this kind of facility, one would be blessed to be able to stay here."

-Patricia Shannon

"Terrific people with a clean, neat & tidy facility. I've been a medic almost 30 years & I've seen some nursing home horror shows, but this place is a treasure. Usually you only see this sort of professionalism and compassion from a high dollar joint. Thanks for making Nana's last months so pleasant."

-Billy "William" Sargent

"A very caring facility. Staff members go out of their way to help residents stay in touch with family members during COVID-19 restrictions."

-Tony Adamcik